Services We Provide

    Our service fees are affordable - Fast Turn around time
    We have a large selection of used parts, which saves you money in repairs.
We only use Original Equipment Manufacture Part.

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Fall Winterize Specials!

Walk Behind Mowers Winterize $50

Services Include:

    Change and dispose of oil.
    Clean / Replace (Additional Charge) Air Filter.
    Clean / Replace (Additional Charge) and Gap the Spark Plug.
Clean Carburetor, Fuel tank, Dispose of old fuel.
Refuel with fresh fuel and additive or Leave Dry.
Sharpen / Balance Blade.
Lubricate cables, grease fittings, wheels, etc
Check belts
Test run.
Clean Mower.
Wax all painted surfaces and protect All Rubber / Vinyl surfaces

Pickup and Delivery (Based on Distance) $30
Blade Sharpening and Balance $7
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Pauls Small Engine Repair and Parts
Raleigh, NC